Sine Nomine Singers

Singing beautiful and challenging music from the twelfth century to the present

Echoes through time

On Saturday 15 June 2024 we present Echoes Through Time, tracing the 30 years since the Sine Nomine Singers began, by pairing a classic work with a new work by one of England’s finest female composers in this golden age of composition. Each composition takes us forwards in 5-year intervals on the way from 1994 to 2024, leading us towards the very newest work, commissioned specially for the evening. Each classic work has been chosen to create thematic overlaps with the contemporary work: Tallis and Panufnik both use texts with idea of eating and the feast as religious symbolism; Bingham’s work reimagines the famous Stanford partsong and was written to flow directly into it; both Harris and Judith Weir set metaphysical poets, John Donne and George Herbert in ways that capture the genius of the writing; the works of McDowall and Gustave Holst both look death straight in the face and ultimately conquer it; in Marsh and Debussy we are thrust into wintery worlds with nature alternately divine and cruel. The new commission by Anna Semple sets the text Vox in Rama, a lamenting voice that contrasts the triumphant final voice, the mammoth motet Vox Dicentis.

O Sacrum Convivium (Thomas Tallis)Deus, Deus Meus (Roxanna Panufnik)
The Blue Bird (Charles Villiers Stanford)The Drowned Lovers (Judith Bingham)
Bring Us O Lord God (William Henry Harris)Vertue (Judith Weir)
Nunc Dimittis (Gustave Holst)Standing as I do before God (Cecilia McDowall)
‘Hiver’ from Trois Chansons (Claude Debussy)In Winter’s House (Joanna Marsh)
Vox Dicentis (Edward Naylor)Vox in Rama (Anna Semple – new commission)


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